Gifts of Gratitude

There’s nothing better than hearing the sound of a child laughing. Sometimes, however, illness strikes a child. And when it does, it’s heartbreaking. Perhaps you’ve had a sick child or were ill yourself as a child. If so, you know illness can make it hard to smile.

Here at Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, we believe all children deserve good health. We’re dedicated to funding pediatric medical research to help discover better ways to treat childhood diseases and conditions. We’re also here to raise funds for important patient and family support programs to help children and their families cope more effectively with being ill. And, we fund vital pediatric education programs for the professionals who treat children.

Perhaps you feel gratitude for those who made a difference for you or your sick child. You can show your appreciation in a meaningful and lasting way by making a donation to Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation.

Turning sadness into something positive

In 1973 John and Marion Ginopolis lost their 4 year old son, Georgie, to hemolytic anemia. “As a parent you never think it is going to happen to you, but when it does there are multiple ways you can react. My wife and I chose take our sadness and do something positive”, shared John. The Ginopolis’ have established two endowment funds at the Foundation focused on benefitting hematology/oncology research. “It is a good feeling knowing that we have put something in place that will continue to give back.”

Show your gratitude with a gift to Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation.